Carefully selected, specially-trained, well mannered, safe horses are our valued partners in this program.



Jackson is a 12 year old draft cross from Wyoming. He was a range trail horse before coming here four years ago. He is our number one ‘go to’ guy in our therapeutic program and takes very good care of his riders.

Jackson caries a range of riders from the small to the tall. This gentled giant stands at 15 2 hands and is very easy going and patient. Jackson’s nickname is “Beef Cake” and he lives with a Haflinger pony named Tommy.

Jackson loves his job here at the farm and is well liked by all who meet him. He is also very photogenic and is our model when there is a photo op here at the farm.





Nanja (Nan Ya) nicknamed Noodles, is a Norwegian Fjord pony who stands 14 hands. She is in her late 20s and is proudly owned by Full Circle Farm.

Nanja has had one foal in her early years and before coming to FCF, distinguished herself in the driving arena. There is a lot of training in this mare. She was a single and double champion at driving.

Nanja made an easy transition to becoming a lesson pony working in th the traditional and therapeutic programs. Within the last year, her work is with the therapeutic program only. She gives her riders a steady ride with lots of movement.

Nanja’s sweet disposition and willingness to work make her a great equine partner.



Tommy is a Haflinger gelding owned by Lorna Young. He is in his early twenties and is leased to the FCFTH Program.

Tommy is short and stocky so he can carry adults or children. He is best with independent riders as he thinks he doesn’t need a leader! Tommy likes to be a bit too close to his leaders so this makes him a great candidate for unmounted classes. He teaches people how to establish personal space with equines and other people. Once in a while he will test his leaders just to make sure they are paying attention

Tommy loves trail rides and is very dependable in the woods and on a dirt road. Tommy lives with Jackson in the quad, competing for hay every day!



EZ is an appendix quarter horse owned by Full Circle Farm. Standing 16 hands, EZ is the tallest horse on the farm.

Before coming to the farm. EZ was a second level dressage horse (dressage meaning training that develops obedience, flexibility and balance). He worked as a therapeutic horse at another program in Vermont before being purchased by Barbara Handleman.  Barbara and EZ were a team for 7 years before becoming part of FCFTH’s program.

This quiet, gentle, and patient man is one of our ‘go to’ guys in our program. His big gait at the walk and trot gives his riders lots of movement to strengthen and balance themselves.

EZ lives in a paddock with a pony named Petey.


Prada is new to Full Circle Farm and to the therapeutic program. She arrived here in the Fall of 2017 from Minnesota. Prada is a Gypsy Vanner mare and was born in Ireland on January 1 2004. She was one of the first gypsies to be imported to the US in 2011 and has had several foals. Prada weighs in at 1100 ponds and stands at 15 hands. She is a sweet, gentle soul and has a very “big” walk and trot. This enables her riders to strengthen and tone core muscles. Prada lives with her other Gypsy Vanner friends Nessie, Ginger and Emma.






While the farm itself doesn’t have donkeys, we often team up with Road to Independence who bring their donkeys for students to do ground work with as well as learning how to drive. For more information check out their website or visit them on Facebook







Horse Donations

We also accept Horse Donations. We will take a horse for a trial period and if they meet the criteria we will keep them as part of our EAAT herd.  Contact Us for more information if you think you have a horse or pony that would be a good therapy animal.

Sponsor a Horse

You can adopt/sponsor a horse which helps with the regular maintenance costs of a specific horse. For more information see: Sponsor a Horse