Participants come to FCFTH with a wide variety of special needs. We serve individuals with autism, PTS, emotional and developmental disabilities, CP, MS, Down Syndrome and many more. We serve veterans, children, adults and teens.

Prospective students meet with the instructor before starting classes to do an initial assessment. This allows us to tailor the program to best meet the specific needs of the individual.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us or email us at info@fcftherapeutic.org





Attire and footwear – All participants must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet with chin strap secured while with, around, or on horses. Full Circle Farm Therapeutic Horsemanship (FCFTH) provides these helmets. FCFTH saddles are equipped with safety stirrups and it is suggested that participants wear a sturdy hard soled shoe or boot with a heel. 

Weight limit – For the safety of our participants, volunteers, and horses, our weight limit is 180 pounds for riders. For those who exceed this weight limit we do offer ground work and horsemanship lessons.

Cancellation Policy – Full Circle Farm Therapeutic Horsemanship (FCFTH) expects consistent attendance by all participants. If you need to cancel a therapeutic session, and we fully recognize that in some cases this may be unavoidable, you are requested to notify FCFTH as soon as possible, so that our volunteers, instructors, and horses are not prepared and waiting needlessly.
Full payment will be due for sessions cancelled without 24 hour notice.

FCFTH maintains a waitlist for EAS lessons. If a participant cancels more than once a month without proper notice their lesson time/slot could be forfeited.

This policy is necessary and intended to recognize the considerable time, resources, scheduling and volunteer efforts that are devoted to these sessions and the preparations for them.
Make-ups will be available if FCFTH cancels for weather or sickness of the instructor. 

Other Policies – Full Policies and Procedures are detailed in the Participant Handbook.


1 hour group lesson – $50
½ hour private lesson – $50

Payment is due at the time of the lesson. If you need help with these classes please submit a scholarship application, available below.


Student Forms

Before participating in any classes, all students must download and fill out the forms below

Participant Handbook

Cancellation Policy

Participants Packet  – Must be filled out completely

Additional forms:

Infectious disease liability release  ( New as of 2020)

Rider Assessment Form

Payment is expected at the time of the lesson, or you may pre-pay online here

If you need assistance in covering the costs of lessons you may download our Scholarship Application

Participant Annual Update Form – This is done yearly