“What we have seen Dalyla get out of this therapy has gone far beyond our expectations! We knew she would gain strength in her muscles but didn’t realize how much of an impact it would have on her overall health. The improvement on her balance, lung capacity and overall muscle tone has blown us away. On top of this, she’s learning her colors, numbers and directions. She’s learning to appreciate the people working with her and to thank and respect the different animals she rides. We honestly can’t say enough! We love the program all it does for her. Thank you so much!”

–  Todd Abbey and Erica Keyser – Grandparents of Dalyla, a child with Down Syndrome


“I didn’t believe in the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding until I saw my client dramatically transformed while connecting with the horse.”

– Community mental health provider


“Many of the children I work with are under constant stress due to ongoing trauma in their lives. Full Circle Farm provides a structured, consistent and safe experience that allows the child to experience trust and joy, in this one area of their life, with the horse.”

– Social worker


“My son told me that his favorite thing about riding at Full Circle Farm is ‘riding different horses.’ Full Circle Farm not only gives riders experience on different types of horses, but also varies the lessons themselves. The lessons are well planned, creative, and safety is always a priority. The staff is very professional, caring and encouraging. The buildings and grounds are immaculate, and the horses are well cared for. We are very grateful for Full Circle Farm.”

– Parent of a therapeutic riding participant


“Robert has been engaged in the therapeutic program and Full Circle Farm for the past year and a half and LOVES it! Robert has autism and, therefore, rarely demonstrates his emotions. However, when he is with the horses he smiles the most genuine smiles! What makes him happy makes me happy. Robert has learned to clean the horse stalls, to brush the horses, to put the saddle on, to mount the horse property, and to ride in the ring and on the trails. The trainers engage him with activities teaching him observation, balance, vocabulary, and so much more! Robert is 21 and as long as he wants to keep going to Full Circle Farm, I will be more than glad to bring him.”

– Father of a therapeutic riding participant/volunteer